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Another Creative Use for Titanium: Golf Clubs

January 20, 2012

Many people believe titanium and its various alloys to be – overall – an “expensive” metal. They make this assumption on account of its relative rarity in comparison with other metals like steel and aluminum. But people from all industries are discovering more and more that in the long run, titanium is in fact a cost-cutting metal for manufacturing quality products. Not only is titanium harder than most other metals; not only is it lighter and wieldier as well; but in fact it is much more durable than most of its competition. The future may not as yet be written, but we at Continental are confident that it will be written (in part) in titanium.

Keeping that in mind, a growing number of industries nowadays approach us for our titanium. From space exploration to competitive cycling, manufacturers and designers are finding ever more inventive ways to manifest their constructions using this lightweight, hard-packing element.

One creative application for titanium that is particularly au current these days is its use in golf clubs. As it stands, most traditional golf clubs are made from aluminum and steel. On average, a titanium club is only 60% weightier than an aluminum club, and 40% lighter than its steel-made cousin. Regardless of its lighter feel, a titanium club will not forgo any of the power of its swing. Because of this quality alone, titanium clubs are prized for their far-rangingness and accuracy in a sport that demands precisely these qualities. Aluminum and steel stand at opposite ends of this spectrum, but titanium commands the line-drive center of these properties.

Furthermore, titanium clubs are more durable and rust-proof than rival clubs. They can also be more easily adjusted and attuned towards a particular individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Holding a titanium golf club in different positions allows for different properties to come to the fore. One can aim for long-distance power using one particular hold, or one can enjoy greater accuracy by holding it some other way.

Sure as titanium has found its way into the cutting-edge technologies of Spacex and NASA, it’s an element that knows its way around a golf course. It’s only a matter of time before major golf club manufacturers “discover” this elemental metal for mainstream usage. It’s a question of when, not if, they “join the club”.

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