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High End Nickel Products

August 12, 2013

Nickel is a versatile metal with a variety of combinations for useful alloys. By making alloys like Monel alloy 400, Incoloy alloy 825, or Nickel 200/201 the end result will be a material that will function in different environments with different purposes.

Monel alloy 400 is a nickel-copper alloy that is one of the stronger options in the nickel product family. Along with its general durability, it is resistant to seawater, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and alkalies. Its ability to withstand seawater makes it ideal for marine engineering, as well as chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, fasteners, and heat exchangers.

When nickel-iron-chromium comes together with molybdenum and copper, they form incoloy alloy 825. This substance can hold up against sulfuric and phosphoric acids, along with reducing and oxidizing acids, stress cracking, and localized attacks like pitting and crevice corrosion. It’s durability against acids make it perfect for chemical processing, pollution-control equipment, oil and gas well piping, nuclear fuel reprocessing, acid production, and pickling equipment.

Nickel 200/201 is a commercially pure substance, with 99.5% wrought nickel. This alloy has good mechanical properties and is resistance to a range of corrosive media, along with excellent thermal electrical and magnetostrictive properties. This pure alloy is used for a range of food protection equipment as well as synthetic fibers and alkalies.

The versatility of Nickel alloys 400, 825, and 200 makes them valuable to engineers. Whether it is for marine engineering, oil piping, food processing or a number of other types of manufacturing, it can be made into an applicable alloy.

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