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Continental Steel: on the Razor’s Edge of All Industrial Cutting

April 29, 2013

For almost a century now, the world has required huge quantities of steel, nickel, and titanium to fuel the construction of its products, services, and infrastructures. Whatever the 21st century brings, one thing is for certain: there will be no end to this demand; there will only be rising demands as developing nations bring themselves to a level on par with the “modern” world of the 20th century.

As the 20th century progressed, and as the 21st century progresses, metal-cutting technology has expanded to meet all the nuances and precisions that modern metallurgy demands. At the beginning of the last century, metal was cut primarily by means of saws and presses. These technologies worked well in their day, and in many cases are still appropriate for today’s production needs. That being said, the increased need for tightness of tolerance in metal cutting, particularly in advanced fields such as aerospace, chemical engineering, and OEM medical devices, requires new methods of cutting metal. While we at Continental are masters at traditional saw-cutting metals of all different materials, we also provide metals that are cut using the latest in precision laser cutting and plasma cutting technology.

Unlike saw cutting, laser cutting and plasma cutting can be used to produce fine-tuned, hyper-accurate dimensions for a specific component of a given application. Given the tensile strengths of some of the alloys we supply to various industries, plasma and laser cutting can be better methods of dealing with these levels of strength. For example, corrosion-resistant nickel alloys such as Ni200/201 – Alloy 400-600-625-825 oftentimes require tolerances as tight as +/- 0.010”. Furthermore, we work extensively with companies that practice water-jet cutting, which is an excellent and neatly precise cutting method for specialty metals and alloys for applications used in mining and in aerospace (for example, the celebrated Nickel alloy Invar 36 – used prominently in the fabrication of parts for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

In short, whether it’s advanced plasma cutting for a titanium part intended for a satellite you’re building, or something more traditional that requires mere saw-cutting, we at Continental supply only the finest metals and alloys at the tolerance levels appropriate for whatever the job.  For more information on the types of cut metals and alloys we supply and for which industries, reach out to us today at Continental Steel and Tube.

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