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Developing New Sources of Energy for North America and Beyond

April 9, 2013

Despite the rough-and-tumble nature of today’s economy, there are more than a few bright spots to take assurance from. One of the most prominent is the resurgence of our nation’s oil industry. As a result of the Bakken Shale Deposit alone, the state of North Dakota alone is now producing enough barrels of oil per year that it could, in theory, become a member in good standing of OPEC. And that’s just North Dakota. And that’s just speaking about one type of energy resource. Other new sources for our nation’s power grid are vying to become major players in the near future.

Solar energy, for one, is just getting started. Sure, there has been recent talk of how we may see a slight decline in solar investment in the United States throughout 2013, but the long-term prospects for solar power energy would seem nearly unlimited. Scientists are developing other, cheaper means of making solar panels than have been used previously. Photovoltaic modules – the devices used to capture solar energy – have seen a 40% decline in pricing over the past year. Furthermore, increased automated production of solar panels has given the solar market better leverage in terms of cost savings.

In short, all marketplace forces indicate that solar power is here to stay as a viable, and increasingly cheap, alternative to fossil fuels. At Continental Steel, we supply nickel alloys such as Invar 36 that are used in the manufacture of solar panel devices. Celebrated for its thermal conductivity and its high resistance to heat, Invar 36 is the perfect “workhorse” alloy for America’s clean-tech renaissance. As things stand, we at Continental Steel are awestruck with the sheer depth and diversity of America’s energy rebound. Whatever the source(s) of our nation’s future power grid, we are confident it will be a bright one. Contact us to see how we can be of service in providing your company with the materials it needs to build today’s – and tomorrow’s—energy technology.

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