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Repairing the Tri-State in the Wake of a Hurricane

January 8, 2013

Hurricane SandyIt’s been twice in the past two years that hurricanes have slammed into the Tri-State Area. Neither of these storms has been a laughing matter, but 2012’s Hurricane Sandy was especially ferocious, costly, and deadly. The United States Senate has approved some $60.4 billion in hurricane relief for the devastated areas, but financial appropriation is just the tip of the iceberg. Jobs, homes, and human lives have been lost. The pace and progress of reconstructing buildings and important pieces of public infrastructure will not be measured in weeks or months, but rather years. The psychological effect for many who endured the worst of the storm will, doubtlessly, last into the foreseeable future.

But rebuild we must, and that’s exactly what Americans are doing. In addition to the funds appropriated by Congress, the private sector has been showing up in full force to play its part in the reconstruction of America’s largest metropolitan area. Some 30,000 construction workers are now gainfully employed performing repairs, upgrades, and full-on reconstruction jobs in all regions impacted by the superstorm. From the Coney Island Boardwalk to the equally legendary Jersey Shore, schools, hospitals, businesses, and homes are slowly making their way back to a pale shade of normal.

With many customers, friends, and family in the New York Metro Area, we couldn’t view this tragedy from a more personal angle. All the resources and consulting services we provide as a company are on standby to help in the relief effort. Critical construction materials like rebar, steel beams, wire mesh, angles, tubing, and pipes are at the disposal of those who need them most in their rebuilding efforts. Furthermore, we are able to deliver these materials directly to wherever the jobsite in quick time. Whether you’re in the private sector, or a branch of government, or working as part of an NGO, Continental Steel is here to add its muscle and consultative brainpower to your project. 2012 has been too rough a year for too many of us in the United States. Together, let’s make 2013 into the comeback year it deserves to be.

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